Guy Frank Pellerin

I started 40 years ago playing solo saxophone, then I joined a group in Paris influenced by the music of Soft Machine, Gong, Van der Graaf Generator and Frank Zappa. I studied at the IACP school with Alan Silva and played in his Celestrial Communication Orchestra. During the same period and afterwards I had diverse musical experiences playing with various types of musicians and other artists: painters, actors, dancers and groups such as “Les Grooms” and “Les Passagers”. I have played with Bobby Few, Noël Macghee, Frank Wright, Sunny Murray, Benjamin Henocq, Didier Petit, Pascal Bréchet, Itaru Oki, Jean-François Canape, Mike Zwerin, and Jeff Sicard. More recently I collaborated with Bruno Girard, Michel Vogel, Marcello Magliocchi, Mauro Sambo, Nicola Guazzalocca, Antonino Siringo, Joao Pedro Viegas, Roberto Delpiano, Massimo Falascone, Pat Moonchy and others, either on the Internet or live.