Anna Stereopoulou

Anna Stereopoulou has achieved to combine her music with modern art movements and world cultures, as well as with other Arts and Sciences and has developed a genre she likes describing as «sonic moving images». She specializes in the field of Music Composition for Film & TV, but has also taken on the task of organizing and overseeing Audio-Visual/Multi-Media concerts, inspired by researching various subjects. Her multinational collaborations comprise of the Royal Marines Orchestra (Portsmouth, UK), Megaron Athens Concert Hall, Sun-Yat-Sen University (Taiwan), Royal Academy of Dance (London), Aenaon Dance-Theatre, Off_Herzios Festival 2014 (Valencia, Spain), Bundes Film Festival (Berlin, Bronze Medal), Radio Nacional de España (Fluido Rosa), BBC «Homegrown Hollywood», London National Film Theatre, «Yakumo Koizumi» Museum (Matsue-Japan), «ToBe Continued... 2015» Stop TB Day music marathon [Global Health Incubator / Stazione Topolò (Italy)] and Portello River Festival & River Film Festival (Padova, Italy), at which she has also been working as Music Consultant /Programming, respectively, whilst since 2012 she has occasionally been in the team of «Association Concept Artgentin» (France-Argentina). Her most recent activity in the film scoring include the narrative /short «Butterfly» [dir. Yianna Dellatolla (Greece, 2014)] and the future film «A Place Called Home» [alternate title: «The Tree & The Swing», dir. Maria Douza /Greece, 2014)]. The film has participated in many festivals worldwide and won several awards, including Best Original Score award in the 9th CYIFF (September 2014, Cyprus). After the release of her debut album «Dance With Me» in 2008, Anna's project «…oneirograph…v.5.spindle : live in italy» was released in March 2013 and followed by the 'bridge' album, titled «A ∞» (aleph / infinity). The latter is available on the Spanish platform 7MNS Music, which has been one of the main supporters -alongside female:pressure- of her current project /research « c i r c e :the black cut: ». The work's first presentation took place in Athens (Greece) and Worldwide (December 15-21, 2014) continuing its course during 2015 with concerts, seminars and collaborations with its participants -coming all from 25 countries to date- and Anna Stereopoulou's new album release (late Spring 2015).