Marcello Magliocchi

Musical explorer, has performed and recorded in many and variated musical universes in addressing different languages such as jazz, the instant composition, live music for silent movies, and more, interacting with the worlds of dance, theater. He worked with resounding sculptures (with M°Tullio De Gennaro and M°Andrea Dami). He collaborates with U.F.I.P.Cymbals / Pistoia - IT. Taught at Conservatorio di Musica di Bari, jazz drums level 2 on 2004-2006 ( M° R.Ottaviano ), and has had collaborations at Conservatorio di Musica N.Rota - Monopoli ( M° G.Lenoci ); currently he teaches at Accademia di Musica B.Bia. Art director for jazz clubs and for Teatro Jazz Fest. ( Lecce '98-'99 ), Fonomanie Impro. Music Fest. ( Bari 2003 - 2005 ), Fonosextant - Monopoli 2007, Fonosextant-Bari 2011/2012, Experiment#1 & #2 ( 2013- 2014 )Clokstop Noci Open Call Fest 2015. In Italy and Europe has worked in several projects ( concerts, recordings, etc. ) involving the most significant musicians of jazz and italian artists and improvisers in the world scene as : Mal Waldron, Peter Kowald, Jim Dvorak, Steve Potts, Joelle Leandre, John Tchicai, Beniat Achiary, Carlos Zingaro, Evan Parker, Michel Godard, Tom Varner, Harri Sjostrom, Sakis Papadimitriou, Kent Carter, William Parker, Evan Parker, Keisuke Otha,Yasuhiko Tachibana, Ninni Morgia, Gary Smith, Paulo Chagas, Joao Pedro Viegas, Matthias Boss, Christian Burchard ( Embryo ), Paulo Curado, Matthias Boss, Maresuke Okamoto, Joao Pais Filipe, Jean Michel Van Schouwburg,Marcio Mattos, Daniel Thompson,Adrian Northover, Adam Bonham,Paul Hubweber,Yeknur Siringo,Guillaume Viltard, Kerlox Mask, White Noise Generator, R.Del Piano, Benedct Taylor, T.J.Borden, L.Hyvarinen and others guest. Have realized resounding sculptures with M.Volpe ( Byo-Faccia - 1987 ),with M° Tullio De Gennaro ( RingMantraDan 2002 ), have collaborations with M° Andrea Dami ( last work is "Liquid Reflex"/2013, music for sound sculptures ), and have played in solo concert with sound sculptures by Plensa, Marrocco, Chen Zen. Work with White Noise Generator cultural association, record label, group of audio and visual experimentation. He has made numerous recordings for various labels such as: TACTUS by ICTUS, C.M.C., ENJA, LEO rec., AMIRANI, YVP, SPLASC(h), SOUL NOTE, AFK, IMPROMUZAK, DAME/ Ambiances Magnetique, SILTA, SETOLA di MAIALE, ULTRAMARINE REC., AUDITION REC., Deepwhitesound, SOLAR IPSE IMPROVISING BEINGS,WHITE NOISE GENERATOR, and more.