José Guillén

José Guillén is an artist with extensive experience in the use of technology as a means of artistic expression. In the 1990s he participated in the development of the art installations “216 permutations of the red-blue G.T. Rietveld chair”, and “The seduction of the machine”, as part of the group “L'Etat c'est moi”. It is an experimental group that developed work based on algorithmic music and multichannel audio installations. Always linked to the avant-garde, he has produced a great body of video art and music, participating in the project “Sonoridades”, performing in live cinema, as well as writing music for the theatre. Other works include pieces of music for contemporary dance and dance performance video pieces. A self-taught musician, Jose Guillén is dedicated to the development of electronic music composition. In 2010 he founded the music production project “La Mirada Automatica”. In recent years, he has been occupied with various projects of free improvisation, such as the Electrocaustic Trio and the Six Ensemble. Currently he is a collaborator in the sound laboratory Auriculab, which conducts research into the merger of field recording, electroacoustic music and improvisation, together with Atilio Doreste. His personal projects are published in his blog “Reflections from the trenches”.