Nacho Jaula

Composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist, born artistically in the scene of malagueña rock in the 90s. He is a member of various formations (some without name). Plays guitar, percussion and amplified objects. He is also driven by noise, metal and experimentation. In 2000 he was part of enfermería (electronic music training), as well as of some more projects which never seem to get quite finished. Projects: jaula, chalana, mamífero, temblor (a project that he shares with the musician josé guillén), forceps (with achilleas polychronidis), verano (with lorena izquierdo aparicio)..... He has released albums such as the burros records (colombia), alina (madrid), el muelle récords (málaga) and auriculab (canary islands)... he's also co-founder of the malagueño label el muelle records and founder of the experimental music label caballo perdedor. He is currently searching and proposing.