Marjorie Van Halteren

Marjorie Van Halteren was born in Detroit, Michigan, graduating from the University of Michigan, and later earning an MA in performance from NYU. She makes recordings, writes words, listens to objects, sings, and seeks to play in the moment with these instruments and like-minded sound makers. She lived in New York for the first part of her adult life, where she was a radio producer as an independent and for WNYC New York Public Radio. She shared in three Peabody Awards for her work in creative documentary and live radio, and as the Artistic Director of The Radio Stage, she commissioned and produced a dozen original plays from New York playwrights. Her work has appeared on BBC Radio 3 and 4, WDR, Radio Netherlands, NPR and Studio 360 in the US. For many years she has lived in the North of France, and is the producer of That Tuesday, a podcast combining compositional documentary and performance to chronicle meetings with other sound artists.