Jeff Gburek

Jeff Gburek. born in Buffalo, New York, studied English literature & poetry in San Francisco, Italian literature in Firenze, Italia, published poems, essays, translations before returning to the field of music and sound art in 1998, when he founded the dance-theater-butoh ensemble Djalma Primordial Science with Ephia. He traveled in Japan to study butoh and Indonesia to study gamelan and then combed himself through New Mexico, meeting Raramuri. Performing with Keith Rowe and moving to Berlin, he began his complicated conversation with electro-acoustic music (embracing digital noise and yet tracing steps of ethnic music back to organic everyday principles, natura naturans), eventually presenting work In Darmstadt and at STEIM while following at heart the DIY aesthetic, founding his own label while being published on others of note (see website). In 2009 he began his residency in Poland and works at his home studio in PoznaƄ, building instruments physically and conceptually, and travels when necessary to create site-specific installations and concerts abroad.