Forefront was born in 2012 as a trio, with radical improvisation at the base of their work. In 2013, with the entry of saxophonist Antonio Raia, the artistic path starts to look also at the written compositions, used as a backdrop of sound worlds that changes during performances. Their first album, Chaos Magnum [Auand, 2014] was dedicated to contemporary music, aleatoric and concrete, spectral and electroacoustic, and then to musicians of the last century that changed the course of music, such as John Cage, Morton Feldman, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Arnold Schönberg, Iannis Xenakis, Luciano Berio. In 2016 Forefront becomes again a trio, and the first album "Life Inconvenience" recorded live, is published in February 2017 by the Greek netlabel Plus Timbre. Forefront aims to explore the darkest depths of contemporary aesthetics without erecting itself as a canon or model. The double meaning of the word Forefront as “avantgarde” and "front line", said the attempt to enter the contemporary world through the front door without indulging in its formality, but using the form as an element to destroy and rebuild at every bar. Forefront stages the nausea of the post-scientistic, where the only way to swing in the sore of ontological sea is bewilderment. Lose yourself to find yourself every time different and sometimes deformed behind the sharp corners of radical improvisation, often without being able to recognize yourself. Identity becomes a face disfigured and deformed in the sound mirror that reflects the disease. In this mirror you must reflect. In this mirror we must be reflected and then destroyed.