dadala, the project of Richard Dunlap (aka RDunlap), is a virtual ensemble exploring synchronicity and serendipity through the mixing and remixing of improvisational and experimental recordings from an international group of contributors. Dunlap works visually and intuitively to blend these recordings. While pitch-shifting and/or time-stretching are sometimes employed, and bits and pieces get moved/deleted/repeated/etc. in the editing process, nothing is ever automatically quantized or locked to any grid, nor is any sort of "auto-tuning" applied. The mixing/arranging by RD is done "by ear". Current contributors: Chris R. Gibson of the U.S. (aka Loopy C, digital wizard and former member of Jesus Wore Dickies, among other things), Roger Sundström of Sweden (aka Erocnet: prolific improviser, recordist, and online collaborator), Paul Mimlitsch of the U.S. and André Darius of France.