Matthias Boss

Matthias Boss, Violinist, painter and sculptor, was born in 1958 in Biel, Switzerland. He studied classical violin at the University of Bern and spent a period of study and work in Milan, developing research in musical languages and pursuing his interests in sculpture and painting. He has been described as one of the most interesting artists of the European avant-garde music scene. He has worked in numerous theatrical projects in Switzerland. Currently he is involved in several collaborative projects with some of the most representative artists of the European scene: R.Del Piano, M.Magliocchi, C.Zingaro, A.Moimeme, P.Curado, P.Chagas, J.P.Viegas, J.M.Van Schouwburg, Maresuke Okamoto, N.Guazzaloca, Marcio Mattos and others. He has made concert tours in Italy, Portugal, Austria, Germany and England.